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Spend smarter naturally.

SpendPal is an easy-to-use dynamic plan, infused with science to help you leverage emotion to eliminate overspending. Happy finances, happy life!

Who is SpendPal for?

All ages. All incomes. No matter where you are, we help you spend how YOU want.

Set your spending categories

Create your plan

When your money is all lumped together in a checking account, it's hard to figure out if you're about to spend money you're going to need for something important like a car repair or an insurance payment.

Seeing your money divided into categories reminds you of exactly what you're planning on spending each dollar on so you don't accidentally spend it on something else you would later regret.

Income waterfall

Spend confidently

It's smart to give every dollar a job as soon as it comes in. Simply put your categories in order of priority and whenever you have new income, it automatically starts filling your categories starting with the highest priority (most important) category first and keeps filling until your income waterfall runs out of money.

If all your categories for the month get their allowance and there's still money left over (good problem to have for you!) the extra money is set aside so you can decide what to do with it. If there's not enough to fill all your categories for the month, then only the highest priority categories get filled. This gives you confidence that the most important things always get taken care of first.

Backup Categories

Naturally spend smarter

We know life doesn't always follow the plan. If you have to spend more than you have in a specific category, it's ok! SpendPal makes it easy to make smart trade-offs between any categories using what we call Backup Categories.

If the default Backup Categories are the ones you want, simply swipe your card and SpendPal will automatically do the math and transfer enough from your Backup Categories to cover your transaction. To change Backup Categories, simply tap on a Backup Category and select a new one.

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