Your money in

meaningful categories

Our "waterfall" algorithm automatically fills your spending categories in order of priority, ensuring the most important things are always covered.

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Set your spending categories

A plan that actually works

Most people either forget or under prepare for important things like car repairs, home repairs and medical bills. SpendPal helps you think and plan for these (and more!) ahead of time.

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Income reconciliation

Spend confidently knowing you're OK

Life doesn't always follow the plan. If more or less money comes than expected, SpendPal automatically funds the most important categories first, no matter if you have a set or variable income.

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Transactions into Categories

Awareness when it counts

Seeing your money divided into categories reminds you of what you're planning on spending each dollar on so you don't accidentally spend it on something you would later regret.

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Backup Categories

Naturally spend smarter

Seeing where money will be stolen from if you overspend a category helps you make smart trade-offs when life doesn't follow the plan.

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Win with SpendPal

SpendPal leverages emotion to eliminate overspending.

Designed in collaboration with:

Duke Center for Advanced Hindsight Startup Lab

Dr. Dan Ariely's world famous Behavioral Science Lab

Awards & Recognition

SpendPal SXSW

Voted Top 5 Fintech Startup of 2017

SpendPal Queen City Fintech

QC Fintech, Class 6 Alumni

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